Why pictures?


Images give a different narrative from the written word, but have forever been used to say something. Somehow in my mind the two go together. I draw and paint a lot.

In the seventeenth century the looks of a person, of a building, of a ceremony were primary communication. Art practice then was circumscribed by religious, aristocratic and royal culture. In that world a high degree of refinement was valued.

Our museums and other collections are filled with wonderful paintings, drawings, prints hundreds of years old. Although we think in different ways we often listen to these voices. Of course they left a mark.


On this page I have put monochrome and colour sketches. Perhaps it is modern to embrace the work in progress rather than final polish. We do not shy away from a starting point, development.

Evidently my drawings start with observation - slowing down and absorbing, reflexion. Everywhere in the world you find pattern and abstract dynamics - wheels within wheels, relationship. Maybe that is the crossover with my work on history, where I am always looking for connections and echoes.

Drawing on the Past