book-cover.jpgHenrietta Maria

My biography of Henrietta Maria – the princess born Henriette Marie de Bourbon – was published in November 2015. Henrietta Maria married Charles I of England in 1625 when she was fifteen, spoke no English and had not actually met him (it was a proxy wedding in Paris). There were fireworks before the marriage settled. The Queen presided over the Caroline Court of the 1630s, a patron of arts and politics; a mother of, eventually, eight (three boys five girls). With the crisis that led to civil war Henrietta Maria fought tooth and claw for her husband's cause in England and on the continent of Europe, where she raised money and arms for the royalists. She survived civil war both in England and France, where she took refuge in 1644, and returned to London in 1660 hoping against hope to sort out the marriages of her two eldest sons (Charles II and the future James II). In 1669 she died a surprising death in her magnificent French country house, Colombes.


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